Contemporary Architectural Design

This research guideline explores the material and formal strategies of contemporaneity. The production mechanisms for contemporary design come from a multiple affiliation answer that, finding relationships in antique architectures, is nourished by the new demands of contemporary sensitivity.

The research guideline Contemporary Architectural Design proposes a line of action that connects modernity studies- as starting point and current working sphere- with the new and visible contemporaneity. The aim of this work route is to study both modern architectures and new spatial, constructive and dwelling realities. The new territories of architectural design broaden that domestic condition of modernity to discover in new workshops other keys that lead us to a more public contemporaneity.

In these new territories new dwelling forms are developed to understand its spatial and philosophical conceptions. Joining and understanding that keys of  modern and contemporary architectural design is the goal of this research guideline.

Directors: Carlos Labarta Aizpún, Javier Pérez-Herreras

Researchers: Alegría Colón, Sergio Sebastián, Oscar Pérez Silanes, Fernando Tabuenca

There  are three different approaches inside the area Contemporary Architectural Design:

Modern Design Construction

Contemporary Design Anatomies

Housing: from Modernity to New Dwelling Forms.