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Architecture New Territories

The PhD Programme in Architecture New Territories is an academic degree from University of Zaragoza in wich Unidad Predepartamental de Arquitectura and Instituto Universitario de Investigación Mixto CIRCE are involved.

Architecture and Urbanism are fields in constant and complex growth in wich specialization is more and more needed.
During the last decades, the figure of architects is experienzing deep changes, being in a re-definition process.
Architecture is overpassing its limits, leading towards new (undiscovered) fields,leaving meanwhile others aside.
One thing is clear : the scenario is not the same as it was.
The goal of the actual PhD Programme is to offer the students the chance to widen their education with knowledge that able them to get quality results in technical and conceptual issues.
In these new complex conditions underlined by the diverse points of view in the understanding of architecture as something that transcends the solution of technical problems and requires a deep qualification in complementary fields.
For this reason, our Phd Programme consider the envolvement of different areas inside architecture studies: Urbanism, Projects, History and Theory of Architecture, Building Technology and Facilities, Structures, etc.
We firmly believe that modern teaching methods allow diverse discipline integration without loosing an holistic vision of the profession.
Regarding this, the cultural, economical and social context in wich our professional activity is envolved the «new territories» the architecture the academic degree is referenced propose a double point of view : one one hand they refer to new disciplines an methods that conventional architecture should deal with, creating new edges for research and reflexion; on the other hand,these territories refer to espatial and temporal boundaries Architecture has been conquering for a while and have as a result the revision of concepts such as context, territory or place.
The Master Programme related to this PhD is the Master Universitario en Arquitectura. This Master Programme focuses on contemporary conceptions of advanced architecture, those that depart from a transverse approach between different parts of the architectonic and urbanistic international culture : instrumental, technical and staturory.
It is put special emphasis in the challenges our nearest environment sets out nowadays,not only from the european cities on a renovation and actualization process, but also those from further places taking part on the growing intervention area of architects,more internationalized and related with  activities done in different parts of the world.



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