Digital Architecture

The research guideline Digital Architecture picks up the use and development of digital tools for achitecture and urbanism and use them to broadcast architecture. With all the interlocutors, participants, collaborators, promotors, constructors, contests and administration  the traditional bidimensional drawings are not enough to define the tridimensional complexity of architecture. The existence of a high number of building and urban regulations causes  the need of using new representation tools  up to the task.
To mantain control of design during its development, collaborative tools are needed for virtual building simulation, with all its physical features, geometry and real properties.
In contemporary architecture organic, non-geometrical forms are used. These forms produce a design limitation in the 2D support, making 3D solutions a better choice.
In this research guideline the following aspects are developed:
  •          BIM (Building Information Modelling)
  •          Advanced graphic representation, Photorealistic Render, Augmented Reality, Image processing, Geometric sun                          exposure, Architecture and colour.
  •          Design and development of parametric architectural models.
  •          Architectural Photogrammetry.
  •         Graphic Information Systems (GIS).
Researchers: Luis Agustín Hernández, Angélica Fernández Morales, Noelia Cervero Sanchez, Zaira Peinado Checa, Miguel Sancho Mir.